Annu Batra


Laura L. Stanton

Vice President, Business Development

Laura Stanton brings over 10 years experience supporting both Business Development and Capture Management.  In coordination with corporate leadership, she successfully established comprehensive and integrated plans which combined strategic growth initiatives with customer domains, teaming and investment strategies.  She is responsible for developing corporate strategic growth initiatives which emphasize core capabilities and target new and existing markets as well as develop and nurture strategic partnerships. Laura served in the U.S. Air Force and retired after 23 years of active duty

Annu Batra has over 20 years of consulting experience in Business Analysis, Software Development and Program Management. As the president of Cayriel, Annu performs the role of IT business solutions manager for the client. Some of her current projects involve digitizing business processes by providing Technical Solutions for the applications under her direct supervision. Her role includes but not limited to providing High Level Technical Specifications along with Design for the Applications and total involvement on the Database side, Reporting and Business Liaison.